Why CORE Sought Out Dr. Mark Dekutoski

Dr. Mark Dekutoski

There are probably a great many reasons why an organization as prestigious as the CORE Institute in Arizona tried so hard to get Dr. Mark Dekutoski to join them. All you have to look at is his high level of knowledge and experience, as well as his considerable research prowess. He also has a reputation as someone capable of treating patients with compassion and he has a strong willingness to help move his profession forward to the next level. He does that almost every day, when he teaches the next generation of orthopedic surgeons how to use the newest methods for treatment to get patients to leading happier, healthier lives.

Over a career that has covered nearly three decades, Dr. Mark Dekutoski, MD has always been eager to share his vast knowledge with others in the field, which has turned him into a renowned expert in his field of orthopedic surgery, especially when it comes to his specialty, which is disorders of the spine. He is recognized for his skills, but he is also renowned for his research skills, as well. He is know for his ability to lead medical breakthroughs, including many that were unthinkable as little as 5-10 years ago.

In his current work with the CORE Institute, Mark Dekutoski still specializes in such areas as minimally-invasive spine treatments for adults and children. He also studies and writes on scoliosis, kyphosis, spine tumors, spondylolisthesis and disc degeneration. His discoveries over the years have been quite astounding, whether he has conducted his research on his own or with highly touted research teams.

Life and Medicine with Mark Dekutoski, MD

Over what has become a long career in medicine, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Dekutoski has quite often shared the vast amount of knowledge he has accumulated with other experts in the field, especially those who are developing into the new generation of orthopedic surgeons. That is one major reason why he is so highly respected worldwide for his expertise. Mark Dekutoski MD is now considered to be a world-renowned orthopedic spine surgeon as well as a researcher of some note.

Dr. Mark Dekutoski currently works with the CORE Institute in Arizona, where he specializes in such diverse areas as minimally-invasive spine treatments for adults and children. He also studies and writes on scoliosis, kyphosis, spine tumors, spondylolisthesis and disc degeneration. Besides his strong research prowess, Dr. Dekutoski has published dozens of peer-reviewed articles. A number of those have received accolades over the years, with the most celebrated being, “The AOSpine North America Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Study: Perioperative complication rates associated with surgical treatment based on a prospective multicenter study of 302 patients,” which won Global Spine Congress Best Paper Award 1st Place from AOSPINE International.

Two decades of expertise for Dr. Mark Dekutoski

Despite changes in surgical trends, procedures, methods and even educational practices — and in spite of waves of new doctors that have come, and gone — Dr. Mark Dekutoski has emerged as one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the field over his two decades of medical work. Countless individuals have received necessary guidance and assistance from this practitioner since he began in medicine in 1986 after acquiring his MD from Wayne State University.

That MD led to direct practice with Wayne State University School of Medicine and an internship in general surgery the following year. Then from 1987 through 1991, he learned the trade that would become his lifelong niche — orthopedic surgery — as he completed a residency through the same institution. He completed his formal education with two fellowships. The first was with Twin Cities Scoliosis Spine Center through the University of Minnesota, conducted from 1991 to 1993. Simultaneously, he conducted an instructor fellowship with the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota and grew academically in the field. His first role in the medical world, as consultant with the Mayo Clinic’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery in 1993, would benefit from this vast education. Mark Dekutoski remained there through 2013 in varying roles, learning and growing in the field.

A Career to Be Proud Of – Mark Dekutoski

When one sets out to be a doctor, they must hold a plethora of positions in order to learn the necessary skills to succeed in the very prestigious industry. Mark Dekutoski has held many professional positions and major roles including, but not limited to, Instructor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Minnesota. After that, he progressed to Consultant and Associate Professor of Orthopedics at the Mayo College of Medicine. At the Mayo College of Medicine, he served as a principal mentor to orthopedic and neurological surgeon trainees in complex spine surgery, as well as, developed the posterior percutaneous instrumentation Longitude and pioneered percutaneous deformity, tumor and trauma techniques. During this time, Mark Dekutoski took great pleasure in sharing the skills he had learned while bettering the techniques for the field in which he came to be passionate about.

Mark Dekutoski has served as Chairman of the Mayo Clinic Medical School Orthopedic curriculum and Chair of the Scoliosis Research Society and AOSpine North America Educational committees. These roles allowed him to help with decision making processes in his field and lending his time to such causes was of great fulfillment to him. He has also presented over 300 lectures at Continuing Medical Education events in order to continue to help spread the innovation of the field for the betterment of the other doctors and patients.